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A few years ago, I read this crazy statistic that shocked me. It said the average person spends 5,000 hours in their lifetime looking for misplaced items. Ladies, that’s over 6 months solid spent feeling totally disorganized, simply trying to unblock your progress. I think the reason this hit me so hard was that I completely identified with this statistic. I knew it had to be accurate based on how I tended to feel in that season of my life. I also knew that this disorganized, fretful overwhelm was seriously holding me back from accomplishing the big goals I deeply cared about.

I realized I needed a hub for my brain—a one-stop home for #allthethings I was trying to juggle. I knew that if I could capture the important details of life in one place, then I could arrange the tasks I needed to do into my schedule, and my brain would have everything it needed to prioritize and stay intentional with my time. The Evergreen Planner was born out of this desire to finally feel truly organized.

Now, when I’m feeling spacey, I have a single place I can come back to in order to know what tasks I need to tackle next. This tool has saved me so much of the precious time that I used to waste spinning my wheels, and empowers me to be more present in my home, stay on top of my daily todos, and weekly make progress on those bigger goals and dreams that motivate me to stay intentional.

Here at Evergreen, we’re not big fans of the “hot mess” mentality that has seemed to latch itself onto the role of modern motherhood. Don’t get us wrong—this is not because we think we have it all together. We certainly have our days—and even weeks—that we ourselves feel like the conductors of the hot mess express. But we don’t like how this has become the inevitable companion of motherhood, implicitly denying that we have the agency to build the intentional lifestyles we were created to crave. We believe that we are called, and therefore that we have been given the responsibility and capability to create beautiful lives for our families, and to move forward in all of the things that God has given us to do. We endeavor to be steady and forward-thinking women who build homes (and businesses, and teams, and classrooms, and communities, and ministries, etc., etc.) that are peaceful, purposeful, and breathe life into all who are served by them.

And we know that you’re here because you want these things, too.

The Evergreen Planner: A Hub For Your Brain

The Evergreen Planner is your hub for everything—from paying bills, to jotting down todo lists, to running a business, to home educating, to otherwise managing a lively household. We wanted a place where the sticky-note doodle from your five year old, the water bill rescued from your junk drawer, and the logistics of those big projects you’re steadily chipping away at could live together and form a support network for your busy mind. Keeping these important touch-points of responsibility and interest in dozens of different places (or scattered on your dining room table) is a recipe for feeling fragmented, stressed, and overwhelmed. But, oh how mentally supported you feel when you can get all those little details you’ve been juggling out of your head and into their proper places in your planner. It clears up so much space in your working memory—kind of like what happens when you close those 38 tabs all trying to load in the background of your computer.

The Evergreen Planner is a three part system, and each piece is built to have space for all of the moving parts of your life. The Annual is the birds eye view of your year, empowering you to do long-term planning and look at your year as a whole. The Month booklet is your place for in-depth week and day planning, with daily timeblockers, weekly habit trackers, productivity prompts, and plenty of space to problem-solve, brainstorm better rhythms, and catch all the random thoughts and todos that make up your week. The Cover is a handcrafted genuine-leather piece that was designed not only to bind your planner booklets into one cohesive system and protect them from the wear-and-tear of daily use—but also to store pens, washi, scratch paper, bills, notes, and even credit cards.


A Planner to Bring Peace

This planner system was crafted to bring peace.

Imagine waking up in the morning with clarity on what is most important to accomplish that day, and having a fully personalized time-management tool sitting at ready to help you spot your urgent priorities and work out a quick strategy for getting the essential things done.

Imagine moving through your day with incredible peace, knowing that you’re staying focused on what matters most.

In the middle of the day, when you need to re-orient or motivate yourself to stay diligent, visualize yourself revisiting your planner and feeling refreshed as you see your tasks fitting into the larger context of your goals. When you’re on the go, picture your planner fitting easily your purse or diaper bag, making it the perfect companion for journaling little moments, or even making progress on a big goal or knocking out a list of administrative tasks in the drive-through line.

And in the evening, when you’re ready to call it a night, envision your planner sitting on your nightstand, available to accompany you through an evening wind-down. You check to make sure the critical tasks have been taken care of, and then easily move what was left undone to another day. When you close your planner each evening, there is this incredible peace in knowing that you’ve put in your best efforts and that it’s time to rest—and that your planner will be there to greet you with fresh opportunity in the morning.


If you’re craving a planning system that can bring more peace into your day, the Getting Started Kit is the perfect way to try the Evergreen Planner System. Complete with the Annual and two Month booklets, you’ll be fully equipped to finally start getting your time organized around the things that matter most.