March 3, 2021

Where do you even start when you’ve found yourself in a ‘survival mode’ season?

You start right where you are.​

  • You embrace the realities of your context.
  • You set (and KEEP!) a daily strategy and reflection meeting with yourself.
  • You purge unrealistic expectations.
  • You get serious about facing the deeper problems.
  • You carve out time for adequate sleep and rest (you can’t solve problems or show up well for your relationships if you don’t get enough sleep!)
  • You develop rhythms for your basic responsibilities.
  • You clear focus time for the important things that keep being pushed to the back burner.
  • You adopt a growth mindset.

This is the exact path Shelby has taken over and over again to get herself out of survival mode and into a thriving, sustainable lifestyle. ​

If you’ve found yourself in survival mode (again!), don’t lose heart. Big transitions, recalled grief, health challenges, or even just riding the roller coaster of a global pandemic can knock even the most proactive of us into survival mode.

The good news is that you don’t have to stay there any longer than you want to.

You can start making space to thrive, today. It starts by getting still, getting real, getting focused, and getting the essentials organized.


Our subscription box is currently open to new subscribers! We ship our sub boxes four times a year and they contain 3 Monthly booklets along with curated planning accessories. The Monthly is the muscle of our planning system. It’s a five-week undated day planner featuring week spreads, habit trackers, timeblocked day pages, and plenty of bullet grid flex space to make the planner completely yours.

In seasons of thriving, reviving and surviving, this is the tool that has helped us live each day for the things that matter most to us. We can’t wait to see what you do with the right tools in hand!

February 17, 2021

Intentional Pivoting: the Superpower of the Growth Mindset

Last week, we talked about how to set solid quarterly goals, and then use them to get back on track.

But, if you’re like most people, the one question that tends to trip you up in your intentional living aspirations is this:

What if I set epic goals, but then things change?

We can totally relate to this.

In fact, just yesterday, Shelby realized that TWO of the THREE goals she set for the quarter no longer fully made sense to pursue.

It’s really easy to look at a situation like that and throw in the towel, claiming that there’s no value in long-term planning whatsoever. But that’s simply not true. Because Shelby set those three goals at the beginning of the quarter, she was able to make significant progress on both of the goals before they needed to be de-prioritized. Even though she didn’t reach the point in either one where her motivating vision was 100% fulfilled, the progress she did make gave her a lot of hope that the vision could truly be realized in the future. The work that she did in skill-building and mentally organizing around those two goals would not be wasted—in the future when she turned her attention back to those goals, she’ll have a framework of positive experience in place and ready to build upon.

This kind of a perspective is vital to the development of a healthy growth mindset.

Taking into account the realities of changing circumstances—and then responding by intentionally pivoting on your goals in order to increase fruitfulness—is not the same as just neglecting or giving up on your goals. With the superpower of intentional pivoting, you’re able to stay in the driver’s seat (where you belong), even if Providence changes the terrain, the layout of the roads, or the direction you’re driving altogether.

How to Intentionally Pivot

These prompts will help you pivot intentionally in the wake of any major life transition. Transition periods can be as purposeful and fruitful as non-transition periods, even if in a totally different way. Think through these prompts as you go about your day, and then journal through them in your planner!

  1. Describe the change and its implications for your 3 main goals for this quarter.
  2. Which of my quarterly goals need to be de-prioritized so that I can show up focused, strong, and enthusiastic for this transition?
  3. What was my motivating “why” behind the goals I realize need to be de-prioritized? Can I fulfill the essence of my “why” in other ways? Will I naturally get back to these goals, or should I time-anchor my intentions by tacking a note to myself on a future month in my Annual so I’ll remember to consider reprioritizing that goal in an upcoming quarter?
  4. What goal(s) do I need to keep pursuing, even in the midst of this transition? What are the most essential (20%) tasks / attitudes I should focus on until things start to settle down after the transition?
  5. What is my vision for graciously going through this transition? What goal(s) do I need to set in order to facilitate that vision?

A strong and intentional pivot will enable you to approach the rest of the quarter with hope, energy and motivation – even if in an entirely different way than how you imagined you would at the start of January.


Our quarterly subscription box of Monthly booklets will open to new subscribers in just a few days! Join the waitlist to be among the first to know. Don’t miss the chance to build a strong planning (& pivoting) habit that will carry you through 2021 with intention towards the things that matter most to you.

December 9, 2020

Two sisters. One Planner.

It all began when a frazzled 23-year-old wife, mom, student, and freelance team leader slapped a well-worn spiral notebook onto a makeshift desk and quickly sketched out a worksheet. Shelby had ambition and grit, but she needed to get organized. Every planner she bought only seemed to add to the overwhelm. She just needed a way to get the cacophony of needs and responsibilities out of her head and onto paper so she could step back and sort through them with a clear mind. 

One of the original worksheets that Shelby created.

A few weeks later, she carried a folder stuffed with these homemade worksheets into her sister’s home. Her brain clutter was spilled out on each sheet, her objectives were clarified, and her goals for the future were finally mapped. Every stroke of the pen had lightened her mental load, and it reflected in her step.

“Here’s something I made and have been using lately.” Shelby handed the folder to her sister with more than a little sheepishness. McCauley had been journaling solidly and had prioritization skills of steel. She was also a young wife and mom, and was developing a business of her own from her living room floor. Shelby didn’t think her sister needed much help in the department of mental organization.

But to her surprise, McCauley drooled over the designs. “I want to try these. Can I keep a few pages?”

Over the next few weeks, McCauley used the planner sheets. Then she called a meeting. With babies in carriers and drafting supplies covering every inch of the kitchen table, Shelby and McCauley shuffled planner features like puzzle pieces, discussing the parts of the original designs that were magic for them both. They focused on creating the best planner in the world, tossing out any manufacturing conventions that limited the planner’s functionality and elegance. Weeks later, their sides were splitting with laughter as they jabbed ice-picks through the spines of handmade booklets, learned how to sew binding, and fantasized the perfect leather cover that would bind it all together into one beautiful unit. 

Soon, they’d each replaced their entire networks of calendars, sticky-notes, and journals with their newly designed planner prototype. They were most shocked to discover that  they’d developed a system that was structured enough to get them both organized, yet flexible enough to work for their polar opposite personalities. 

One of the original prototypes of the Evergreen Planner System.

“We’re going to turn this into a legit business, Shel.” McCauley’s eyes shined 

“I would’ve never believed we would both love the same planner. Can you imagine how many other women this could help?” Shelby asked. 

But it was only the beginning.

In those moments at McCauley’s kitchen table—with nights spent distilling top productivity principles down into a single spread, drafting husbands to help with typesetting and leatherwork, and testing various paper weights with calligraphy pens while nursing our babies—the Evergreen Planner System sparked to life.

McCauley working on one of the original Evergreen Planner prototypes.

As the sisters tested the final renditions of their new system, they were shocked by it’s quality. Not only was it comprehensively useful in basically every area of their lives, but it was becoming absolutely essential to their progress and personal growth. The novelty never wore off. It not only organized them powerfully as they tackled the daily responsibilities, it also propelled them forward in the long-term goals that beat inside each of their hearts. It kept them focused, helped them develop working memories around their most important objectives, and became a central hub for decluttering their minds. 

But it was only the beginning. Turning this planner system into a business was no longer a far-off fancy: getting this incredible tool into the hands of as many women as possible became a core mission.

Three-and-a-half years of field testing, half a dozen babies, hundreds of hours of productivity research, five major prototype models, and (approximately) 7,665 cups of coffee later…and the Evergreen Planner system finally came to life in December of 2019. 

It is the only planner on the market to feature the innovative dutch-door feature, which allows you to plan each day in the context of your weekly goals and agenda. Gorgeous, minimalistic, and ridiculously intuitive, the booklet planner system boasts an unprecedented balance of robust structure with fully customizable flexibility. The locally made, genuine-leather Cover has surpassed even the sisters’ wildest dreams. And the entire system is supported by a quarterly subscription box that keeps your planning habits fire, and a supportive online community.

Shelby and McCauley have been blown away by the immediate enthusiasm that the planner system generated. Clari joined the team early in Spring, turning the visionary duo into a powerhouse trio. Every “this is the planner of my dreams” and “this planner finally helped me follow through on my most important goals” message that the team has received has been like gasoline on fire. 

And as the first birthday of Evergreen Planner draws near, Shelby and McCauley remain confident about one thing. This is only the beginning.

Are you interested in trying a piece of the Evergreen Planner system for free? Check out this free printable day planner sheet! Like those original sheets Shelby created, you can use this printable to effectively plan your days until you’re ready to jump into the entire Evergreen Planner system