You’re a dynamic soul. You see the value in a balanced approach to productivity, and you can employ any device in your vast toolkit of solutions to make progress in any given circumstance. While your world swirls with people, pressures, and problems, you enjoy the dance. You take time to dream, you take action when you see the opportunity, you step back to get organized whenever there’s a need. You switch gears easily, knowing there’s a time and season for every purpose. You wisely hold space for vision, organization, and rugged diligence. Time is precious, and you believe balance and counterbalance will enrich and stabilize every way you invest yours. 

What you need in a planner:

You need a hub for your brain that can handle and grow with every season of your full life. The Evergreen Planner is a flexible, dynamic companion that has space for every brainstorming session, action-list, and strategy you can throw at it. It helps you balance your life by keeping all of your most important goals, tasks and details in view as you dream and plan. It also honors your impulse to stay limber and relevant, with the Cover able to hold any combination of booklets that you want (and nothing that you don’t). Even while offering the best productivity tools and structure a person could ever need, it remains the most customizable planner in the world.

How to accelerate personal growth with your planner:

Inspiration, insight, and focus are crucial to making progress in any area of life that matters. 

The “seasonal goals” section of every daily page prompts you to “remember your why” for these essential objectives, keeping you motivated by the same drives that caused you to set your goal in the first place. The daily micro-journaling prompts also help you to keep your mindset sharp as you’re invited to practice gratitude, reflect on recent lessons, and mentally celebrate your victories. 

Just below your timeblocker and todo list, you’re prompted to get laser focused on the “top three targets” that will really move the needle forward so that you can invest every day with serious purpose.

How to leverage your strengths with your planner:

Having your monthly, weekly, and daily agendas all bundled together and interacting with each other cultivates deep insights into what’s working, and what needs to be reimagined. You can employ your skills of synergy to identify disconnects and strategize solutions.

Tracking, reflecting, and pivoting is made simple by the daily timeblocker tool. By writing down what you did do at the end of every day, you can begin to identify rhythms, anchor-points, and opportunities for progress. The todo list to the right of the timeblocker allows you to time-anchor specific tasks so that you can make space for getting them done at the most optimal times. By making sure to fill out your “victories” micro-journaling section at the end of every day, you can strongly reward your brain for a job-well-done. 

By customizing every page you use in the Evergreen Planner with your own priorities, goals, and dreams, you’re making space in your life to cultivate the things that matter most. It’s the perfect tool for crafting an intentional lifestyle that takes you to the next level.

Other Personality Traits

If certain questions are a little difficult because you resonate with multiple answers, then you’re picking up on secondary personality traits. If you longingly admired aspects of a different answer than the one you had to honestly give, you’re putting a finger on latent areas of your personality that you’d like to cultivate. 

Here at Evergreen Planner, we don’t believe in putting anyone in a personality box. Exploring and developing new passions and skills is an open door for anyone, and we appreciate the complexities and unique value that every individual brings to the table. If your divergent approach yields progress and integrity, it should be celebrated!

Here’s a list of alternative personality results for you to investigate. Each one highlights the dynamic ways the Evergreen Planner System can be leveraged by different personalities to get focused on what’s important and maximize positive impact. 

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P.S. Inspiration for these personality categories came from the empirical research documented in The Synergist, an awesome book on team dynamics authored by success consultant Les McKeown.