When it comes to envisioning and executing big ideas, you’re a force to be reckoned with. You’re strongly motivated and seize every opportunity to bring your goals to life, nimbly overcoming every obstacle you face along the way. While your world swirls with pressures, people, and problems, you don’t just talk and dream about how to effect change—you do the things. You’re an energetic ball of imagination and action, leading with your gut and always conceiving ways to infuse more purpose in your day-to-day life. Time is precious, and you’re dead-set on investing yours with intention.

What you need in a planner:

You need a hub for all of the task lists you brainstorm in those moments when inspiration strikes. Everything you aim to do in a month needs to be sorted out and executed on a weekly and daily basis. The weekly grid in the Evergreen Planner gives you an overview of what you have to work with in 168 hours, inviting you to anchor your planned tasks in the most practical slots of your week. The daily pages provide a “top three targets” section, compelling you to zero-in first on the few most important tasks that will yield the most dramatic results.

How to accelerate personal growth with your planner:

You hustle. It’s what you do. But sometimes, no matter how fast you run, the most important things feel just out of reach. That’s because you those things can only be reached through a single counterintuitive avenue—finding ways to do less. You’re often promising yourself that you’ll slow down if you can just get this last thing accomplished. But by the time that thing is done, ten new pressing things welcome themselves to your plate.

The Evergreen Planner allows you to lay everything out on paper so you can see how all of your ventures interact. You can identify double-bookings, overcommitments, and unnecessary busywork in an efficient and drama-free setting. By taking a step back to objectively cut back the excess of your activity down to the 20% of what you do that gets your envisioned results, you can make space in your life to breathe, relax, sabbath, and pad your activities with stress-reducing (and performance-enhancing) margin.

How to leverage your strengths with your planner:

You’re already motivated, but when you’re able to consistently tick the boxes of progress, your momentum becomes unstoppable. Don’t deny your brain the celebration it craves of tangibly seeing the headway you’re making on the things that matter most to you.

The Evergreen Planner has several homes for your action-lists. You can track the progress of your most overarching goals on the flex pages opposite of every month calendar in the Annual, and of your weekly goals on the flex pages opposite of every week grid in the Monthly. In addition to sprinting through your daily todo list, habitually micro-journaling your “victories” will help you take a much needed moment to give yourself a mental high-five, pouring emotional fuel on the fire of your passions.

Other Personality Traits

If certain questions are a little difficult because you resonate with multiple answers, then you’re picking up on secondary personality traits. If you longingly admired aspects of a different answer than the one you had to honestly give, you’re putting a finger on latent areas of your personality that you’d like to cultivate. 

Here at Evergreen Planner, we don’t believe in putting anyone in a personality box. Exploring and developing new passions and skills is an open door for anyone, and we appreciate the complexities and unique value that every individual brings to the table. If your divergent approach yields progress and integrity, it should be celebrated!

Here’s a list of alternative personality results for you to investigate. Each one highlights the dynamic ways the Evergreen Planner System can be leveraged by different personalities to get focused on what’s important and maximize positive impact. 

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P.S. Inspiration for these personality categories came from the empirical research documented in The Synergist, an awesome book on team dynamics authored by success consultant Les McKeown.