If we had found a planner on the market we loved, we never would have created the .

Since jumping headfirst into kids and entrepreneurship, we’ve had a lot to manage. We just didn’t have time for the planners already out there. They were clunky, over-designed, too cutesy, too intense, or just “meh.” We were tired of getting lost in our own planner, tired of getting cramped by one-size-fits-all formats, and tired of drawing (and redrawing) the perfect bullet journal layout every single day. We were certain that planning didn’t have to feel like another chore.

So we started completely from scratch and created the most intuitive planner on the market (you can read more about that story here).

We’re three women who are passionate about helping other women live intentional lives.

McCauley Nelson

McCauley is a mama to four little loves (5, 4, 3 & 1). She and her husband, Philip, and their little tribe live in Alabama. She is a co-founder and head of Evergreen Planner, and is the source of our simple and beautiful aesthetic. She packs & ships every Evergreen purchase with her perfect touch. When not working on Evergreen, McCauley loves repurposing thrift finds, diy projects, baking sourdough and generally making the world around her a little more lovely to live in.

Shelby Shepherd

Shelby has two kiddos (6 & 3) and lives in Alabama with her husband, Kyle. Shelby is a co-founder of the Evergreen Planner, and is our own personal planning and marketing guru, thanks to the hours she spends researching and her own journey toward intentional living (read more here). She writes our blog posts, and is down to give anyone the pep talk they need on a weary day. When not doing these things, you will find her dreaming up and planning homeschooling projects for her kiddos, because – as you may have picked up – Shelby has a teacher’s heart.

Clari Mercier

Clari and her husband, Mark, live in a suburb of Atlanta with their three little boys (4, 3 & 1). Clari is a co-owner and joined team Evergreen shortly before our subscription box launch in 2020. Her role at Evergreen is hard to describe as it seems to encompass so many aspects of our business, but suffice to say we’d be lost without her. When not handling Evergreen details, Clari loves reading, drinking coffee or tea, thrifting, knitting and a smattering of other old lady hobbies.