You’re action-oriented, practical, and effective. Once you decide to do something, you’re a force to be reckoned with. You get twenty things done in the time others spend deliberating over how they want to go about just one. While your world swirls with people, pressures, and problems, you think on your feet, deftly and resourcefully resolving issues so you can swiftly move to the next task. Diligence and responsibility are core values for you. Time is precious, and you want to invest yours in a way that yields tangible progress.

What you need in a planner:

You need a hub for visibly tracking your progress. The hustle is real, and it’s all too easy for you to burn the candles at both ends, trying to accomplish everything that needs to get done. Every daily page of the Evergreen Planner has a section for your top three targets for the day, empowering you to zero in on the tasks that will really move the needle forward. When you’ve accomplished those three targets, you can know that everything else you tick off your todo-list (which sits on the same page) is icing on the cake.

How to accelerate personal growth with your planner:

Important aspects of your self-care get shoved to the back burner quite a bit, don’t they? The daily self-care prompts remind you to stay hydrated, move your body, and make space for your personal needs. The timeblocker is only long enough to accommodate a healthy number of action-taking hours, encouraging an adequate sleep schedule and down time. It’s also the perfect place to chart out a little more margin in your day for relaxation and relationships (as is the week grid, which can be used to block off entire days for slowing down and switching gears).

The “lessons” micro-journaling prompt will help you constructively reflect on any moments when you accidentally ran over something or someone important as you bulldozed through your tasks. The “victories” micro-journaling prompt is the perfect place for you to jot down your tada! list at the end of every day, giving your driven brain a well-deserved pat on the back (I promise, your brain will perform even better for you if you take the time to appreciate your wins!)

How to leverage your strengths with your planner:

If you have a clear goal, follow-through isn’t a problem. But having to dream up what to do next isn’t your cup of tea. Your planner is your comfortable companion, quietly keeping all of your action lists safe and in one place, always ready for you to grab it up to get oriented on your next task. With your most important goals written next to your calendar in your Annual, and again next to your week grid in your Monthly, you can keep your vital objectives top-of-mind, focusing all of your “get-it-done-power” on the things that matter most to you.

Other Personality Traits

If certain questions are a little difficult because you resonate with multiple answers, then you’re picking up on secondary personality traits. If you longingly admired aspects of a different answer than the one you had to honestly give, you’re putting a finger on latent areas of your personality that you’d like to cultivate. 

Here at Evergreen Planner, we don’t believe in putting anyone in a personality box. Exploring and developing new passions and skills is an open door for anyone, and we appreciate the complexities and unique value that every individual brings to the table. If your divergent approach yields progress and integrity, it should be celebrated!

Here’s a list of alternative personality results for you to investigate. Each one highlights the dynamic ways the Evergreen Planner System can be leveraged by different personalities to get focused on what’s important and maximize positive impact. 

Or you can go back to the quiz.

P.S. Inspiration for these personality categories came from the empirical research documented in The Synergist, an awesome book on team dynamics authored by success consultant Les McKeown.