This is such a delightful post, because it was written by Meeka Malone, mother of the sister-founders of Evergreen Planner, McCauley and Shelby.

Mama has always challenged us to reach for excellence, and to never settle with making excuses for ourselves. It’s been so fun to watch our Mama embrace this planner system that we created and gain a whole host of brand new skills in time-management and goal-setting for herself.

She’s been a behind-the-scenes secret weapon for the success of our business, from staying up late into the night helping us field test and work out the last kinks on our ROOTED Goals Workbook to watching her very¬†large gaggle of grandkids so we can record the Make Space to Thrive Podcast.

And now, here’s a word of encouragement from our Mama. We couldn’t think of a more life-giving person to feature as our very first guest contributor. Here’s just a glimpse of the kind of very good things she’s poured into us since we were small. Enjoy!

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