You start right where you are.​

  • You embrace the realities of your context.
  • You set (and KEEP!) a daily strategy and reflection meeting with yourself.
  • You purge unrealistic expectations.
  • You get serious about facing the deeper problems.
  • You carve out time for adequate sleep and rest (you can’t solve problems or show up well for your relationships if you don’t get enough sleep!)
  • You develop rhythms for your basic responsibilities.
  • You clear focus time for the important things that keep being pushed to the back burner.
  • You adopt a growth mindset.

This is the exact path Shelby has taken over and over again to get herself out of survival mode and into a thriving, sustainable lifestyle. ​

If you’ve found yourself in survival mode (again!), don’t lose heart. Big transitions, recalled grief, health challenges, or even just riding the roller coaster of a global pandemic can knock even the most proactive of us into survival mode.

The good news is that you don’t have to stay there any longer than you want to.

You can start making space to thrive, today. It starts by getting still, getting real, getting focused, and getting the essentials organized.


Our subscription box is currently open to new subscribers! We ship our sub boxes four times a year and they contain 3 Monthly booklets along with curated planning accessories. The Monthly is the muscle of our planning system. It’s a five-week undated day planner featuring week spreads, habit trackers, timeblocked day pages, and plenty of bullet grid flex space to make the planner completely yours.

In seasons of thriving, reviving and surviving, this is the tool that has helped us live each day for the things that matter most to us. We can’t wait to see what you do with the right tools in hand!