“Do you struggle with consistently using your planner? Do you ever get lost in your planner, and feel like you spend all your energy figuring out how to use it instead of making progress on your actual goals? You need the Evergreen Planner, my friend! This planner was designed by three entrepreneurial stay and home mamas who know what it’s like to wear a lot of hats and juggle lots of plates. This system was designed for women like you, who also need to keep track of lots of responsibilities and see how they all interact with each other.” – Rachel Tenney

We were so excited to see Rachel’s review of the Evergreen Planner on YouTube. Rachel is a dear friend and has been a long-time user of the Evergreen Planner.

Her review not only gives a great overview of two of our core products (the Classic booklet and the Cover), but she also gives viewer a walkthrough of how she currently uses her planner (beginning at 8:48) as she balances her home life, caring for her daughter and running her business (the Voca Society).

Rachel’s five favorite planner features:
  • Dutch Door layout
  • Minimalist aesthetic
  • Genuine leather cover
  • Intuitive layout
  • Undated week/day pages
Video chapters:
  • 0:00 My History with Planners
  • 1:15 The Evergreen Planner
  • 2:37 How Using the Evergreen Planner Changed my Productivity
  • 5:13 Functional Aspects I Love
  • 7:44 Get a FREE Printable of the EP Daily Pages (use the code TAMETHATLIST to get this resource for free)
  • 8:48 Walkthrough: How I Use the Evergreen Planner to Plan a Week
  • 15:35 Last Comments

You can also read Rachel’s accompanying blog post about how she uses her planner here.