Many of you know that the Evergreen Planner system was born from worksheets that Shelby created in one of the most hectic seasons of her life. What is perhaps less well known, is that the beautiful leather cover we sell was born from McCauley’s vision for creating a planner that was both beautiful to look at, extremely practical to use, and would last for years to come.

The first leather covers that we used (pictured above) were handmade by McCauley on her living room floor. But we knew that wouldn’t be a practical way of getting them into the hands of an entire planner community, so McCauley spent a few years searching for a leathersmith who could take her handmade vision and turn it into a beautifully refined handcrafted leather product we could have available to our dear customers.

How the Cover Creates a Hub for Your Brain

Our Annual and Classic planner booklets can be used powerfully on their own, but when bound together in our Cover along with anything* else you need, the booklets are transformed into a personalized system that can stand up to the demands of constant use.

*When we say anything… we mean it. We stuff our covers with stamps, sticky note pads, washi tape, pens, small scissors, etc. Our Covers contain everything we need to braindump, sort and plan on the go! In a purse or loose in your car, this would feel like absolute chaos, but when it’s bound nicely in your leather Cover you can take all these implements on the go without a second thought!

Declutter Your Mind

Each of the various roles we manage in our modern lifestyles tends to come with a lot of paper. After processing your stack and harvesting the details into the month calendar in your Annual or the week grid of your Classic, you might still have a few lingering items that need to be temporarily stored. Whether it’s a bill to pay, or a membership to renew, the Cover is a centralized place to collect all of those random administrative tasks that don’t have to stay scattered along your coffee bar.

This means when you finally have the space to sit down to take care of business, you can spend your time doing your tasks, not hunting for the information you need. When bound in our Cover and adopted as the centralized hub for your brain, the Evergreen Planner helps you to do just that. It also acts as a mobile office, empowering you to take your productivity on the go.

Inspire Yourself to Lean Into the Life You Envision

With four spine elastics, the Cover not only holds your current Annual and Classic planner booklets, but it has room for anything else that compels you. With the Cover’s standard size, it’s easy to slip in a blank bullet grid journal, your current paperback novel, or a sketchbook. Your planner can become your life vision board wrapped in leather—the place where you highlight the best things and the strongest motivations, so that every time you open it, you are compelled to keep living intentionally.

A Genuine Leather Cover in Five Beautiful Colors

We now offer our Covers in four limited run color ways in addition to our original black. Earlier this year, the leather we used in our original Cognac Cover suddenly became unavailable to us. When we looked into a new Cognac leather, we quickly realized that it was going to be near impossible to offer a consistent color like we had in the past. So, we decided to begin offering Limited Run Cover Colors. These colors were from hides handpicked by McCauley and Clari and sent to our leathersmith. We were able to get 6-10 covers from each hide we chose, and we cannot guarantee these precise colors will ever be available again. If you see one you love, grab it while you can!